Established 1999, closed 31 August 2012, Sydney, Australia.

Over the past 13 years ReelDance forged an international reputation as an organisation dedicated to innovative collaborative practice across dance, film and new media art.

Established by the One Extra Company in 1999, ReelDance began as a response to the growth in screen-based works being made in dance arenas overseas, and the need to foster a burgeoning field of practice in Australia and New Zealand. Under the guidance of founding director Erin Brannigan, the first ReelDance Festival was staged in 2000 – a one-off screening in Sydney‘s Chinatown that became a biennial event with an ever-growing tour schedule.

In 2004, ReelDance became the Australian representative within the international Media and Dance Network (MAD) of screen dance organisations worldwide. In 2008, after 8 years as a project of One Extra and then the Performance Space, ReelDance began operating independently.

In 2009, the Australia Council for the Arts granted ReelDance the status of ‘emerging key organisation’. However, due to changes in funding circumstances, ReelDance closed on 31 August 2012.

Through its range of commissions, exhibitions, collecting, creative workshops and public forums, ReelDance provided a significant platform for the development of screen dance culture in Australia and beyond.

A major achievement of ReelDance has been the Moving Image Collection, comprised of Australian and international screen dance works. The collection will be preserved and expanded by the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and many of the works will be accessible online.


The ReelDance MIC is a significant and continually expanding resource containing significant examples of local and international dance on screen work. 

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The story of an idyllic love affair interrupted in the most disturbing way.

Credits: Director: Matthew Bergan ; Narelle Benjamin ; Choreographer: Narelle Benjamin ; Brett Daffy
Date of Production: 2002

A visual and visceral journey through and about being. Raw footage of improvised and choreographed dance is confronted with compositional techniques. The dancers’ gestures and bodies, poised and isolated, gradually become intertwined, indistinguishable and frenetic.

Credits: Director: Gina Czarnecki ; Choreographer: Garry Stewart ; Composer: Christian Fennesz ; DOP: Tony Clark ; Technical Assistance: Damian Blythe
Date of Production: 2005
Fine Line

An architectural affair. They meet, sight unseen, in a house of lines. A film from 2002 ReelDance Award-winner, Sue Healey, which is part of her ‘Niche’ series of works.

Credits: Choreographer/Director: Sue Healey ; Director of Photography: Mark Pugh ; Music: Darrin Verhagen ; Editor: Sam James
Date of Production: 2003
Theatre of Speed vs BOZ ‘n’ HOK
Summary: Theatre of Speed is represented by Back to Back Theatre - an experimental centre for young people with intellectual disabilities in Geelong, an intensive work and training environment where no other exists.
Credits: directed and edited by Rhian Hinkley ; choreographed by Fiona Cameron ; Luke George ; Becky Hilton ; Jerril Rechter ; Bec Reid ; Gerard Van Dyke ; Ingrid Voorendt
Date of Production: 2004
Necessary Games: Sixteen
Summary: Necessary Games - Sixteen is a collaboration between Restless Dance Theatre and Closer Productions, Necessary Games is a dance triptych about our human need to connect and the urgent games we play. A coming of age game about the joy, nervousness, desire and intimacy of the different kinds of connections a young woman will, did or might have in her life. *ReelDance 2010 Award Winning Film
Credits: Kat Worth
Date of Production: 2009
Tap Hop: Lesson 1
Summary: Tap Hop: Lesson 1 (2009) is a split-screen video remix work that examines the formal and cultural connections between tap and breakdance. Mixing footage from the 1942 musical comedy Pardon My Sarong and the 1986 TV show Graffiti Rock, a dance battle is staged between seminal 1940s tap group Tip Tap and Toe and the 1980s hip-hop crew The New York City Breakers. The cultural matrix between these dance forms emerge through juxtaposition, including the remixed audio track that has the breakers moving to the beats of tap, and the tappers dancing to the scratch rhythms of hip-hop turntablisim.
Credits: Soda_Jerk
Date of Production: 2009
Tank Man Tango: A Tiananmen Memorial
Summary: Tank Man Tango is a dance based on the steps of the man who defied the tanks rolling into Tiananmen Square after the massacre of protesters in June 1989. The choreography was amdew into instructional videos and posted on Youtube in four languages, with an open invitation to participate in this ephemeral moment on 4 June 2009, the 20th anniversary of the massacre.
Credits: Deborah Kelly ; Jane McKernan
Date of Production: 2009
Will Time Tell?
Summary: The traveller seeks time-out in Tokyo - will time tell her what she needs to know?
Credits: Produced and directed by Sue Healey ; Choreographed by Sue Healey in collaboration with Shona Erskine
Date of Production: 2006



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Due to funding circumstances, ReelDance Inc. ceased trading on the 31 August 2012.

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